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 Our  Yorkie puppies  are raised in our home where they  start their social and learning skills. 
  Yorkies are a special little toy breed full of spirit and character. They are a small dog with a big and fearless attitude.
Yorkies are the greatest companions. They love to travel.  
A Yorkie doesn't take much space. They are well suited for apartment, townhouse, or condo living. They love outside but can get plenty of exercise just playing with their toys in the house. The Yorkies  are also hypoallergenic. People that are normally allergic to dogs can enjoy the comfort of a Yorkie.
 Feel free to call me concerning our babydoll face Yorkie puppies or the background of any of the parents.
You can reach me at 580-364-2040

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   We breed for correct conformation,Yorkie temperment, elegant coats, and most importantly the health of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. 
  Some say "are the tiny Teacup Yorkie Puppies healthy or do they live as long as the standard yorkies"? Yes they do. As long as you select your Teacup Yorkie Puppy from a knowledgeable and reputable Yorkie Breeder that has healthy lines, there shouldn't be any problems in your  Teacup Yorkie Puppies life. Our Gator is   2.5lbs. He will be 13 years old March 18, 2013!!. Gator is our foundation sire. He is also champion sired with many close champions behind him.   
Call us at 580-364-2040 or 580-847-2555 
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Hello and welcome to our  Yorkie Puppy Page. Here you will see our beautiful AKC registered Teacup yorkie puppies as well as our standard yorkies. We also have ventured into PARTI YORKIE PUPPIES. AKC does recognize Parti Yorkies. Parti yorkies have their own registration. The dogs were allowed to be registered as Parti-color with a color code 014.
Our Yorkie Puppies are AKC  registered and bred to the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Standards. Yorkies are a toy breed and the AKC Standard weight for the Yorkshire Terrier breed is up to 7lbs.
 A lot of people consider the Teacup Yorkie to be around 4lbs and under.
Here at Southeastern's Yorkshire Terriers, we do have the Teacup Yorkie Puppies quiet often.   

akc-reg'd yorkshire terriers
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This is Dudley, Collins dad.
A lot of people want to know what is a Parti Yorkie or How do you get a Parti Yorkie? 
The Parti gene can only be expressed if a parti gene carrier is bred to another parti gene carrier. A carrier will look like a traditional colored Yorkie but is born with maybe some white on it's chin, chest and/or feet. In this case where a parti carrier is bred to another parti carrier, 25% of the offspring will be traditional Yorkies (not carrying the gene), 50% will be traditional colored Yorkies who do carry the recessive parti gene and 25% of the offspring will be actual Parti colored dogs. AKC has allowed Parti colored Yorkies to be eligible for registration since 2000. 
The Parti Yorkie is a natural occurrence that happens when the parents carry the hidden recessive genes.
The Yorkshire Terrier is a man-made breed.The Paisley, Clydesdale and Dandy Dinmont are among the dogs that are thought to make up the Yorkshire Terrier. Some think the Maltese was added later on for the long silky hair.
History suggest that crosses of other terriers were bred into these dogs by the original breeders, prior to the start of the dog show era when breeders started selectively breeding to produce the blue and gold color. 

It is documented, that in the early 1900's, there were some breeders who tried to promote the White Yorkshire Terrier as well as the silver yorkie who was born with absence of any tan. Ernest Hemingway's Grandfather owned a white Yorkie named Tassel in the early 1900's and there are published writings during that same time period, indicating white yorkshire terriers were being shown at various State agricultural shows.

Some of the most highly regarded breeders of this breed, have produced parti and other off colors in their own lines. Early Kennel Club and American Kennel Club records, lists "dark tan," "black," and "blue" as some of the colors seen and registered in the yorkshire terrier breed. 

Off colors have been seen since the beginning of the breed and the recessive genes continue to appear today.

This is Collin and pictured beside him are previous girls he has produce. They all stayed small. Bullet is one of his boys.I have kept him as a stud. 
Collin is around 8lbs His puppies tend to stay small. Collin was born July 25, 2010. 
Sophie and Buckeys puppies were born 9-2-14. They are all sold. 
Gretchen and Sugar Ray had a tiny girl, tiny boy, and one larger boy.
They were born 8-24-14. There has been a deposit placed on the girl..
Pictured above is Chloe and Collins little boy. His Date of birth is 9-10-14 He should be in the 3.8lb range. He is short and stocky. 
Gretchen and Sugar Rays boy is pictured below. He should be around 4.8lbs full grown. Date of Birth 9-24-14
Gretchen and Sugar Rays tiny boy. He should be close to 3.8lbs full grown. He has a lot of white on his chest.