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 Our  Yorkie puppies  are raised in our home where they  start their social and learning skills. 
  Yorkies are a special little toy breed full of spirit and character. They are a small dog with a big and fearless attitude.
Yorkies are the greatest companions. They love to travel.  
A Yorkie doesn't take much space. They are well suited for apartment, townhouse, or condo living. They love outside but can get plenty of exercise just playing with their toys in the house. The Yorkies  are also hypoallergenic. People that are normally allergic to dogs can enjoy the comfort of a Yorkie.
 Feel free to call me concerning our babydoll face Yorkie puppies or the background of any of the parents.
You can reach me at 580-364-2040

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Call us at 580-364-2040 

All weights are estimated, I do not guarantee the weights, conformation, or earstance of the yorkie puppies. Yorkie puppies are guaranteed for their health only.
Deposits are $500.0 
All puppies are vaccinated dewormed and have health papers. Puppies are vet check before shipping.  I do ship my yorkie puppies when I have too all over the USA. All puppies are registered AKC --limited --registration . AKC full registration "MUST" be discussed in advance of the sale- please ask about this before choosing a puppy . Puppies are guaranteed until 1 year of age  to be free of any inherited life threatening disorder. This guarantee is VOID if Vet records are not supplied for my Vet to review. This guarantee covers ONLY the purchase price of the puppy NO Vet bills will be paid by me (the breeder) The guarantee is VOID if puppy is transferred sold or given to someone else.
If using paypal for payment send to:
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Susan Malone Luckett with Anita Louise Porter in McAlester, Oklahoma.
January 19 at 4:55pm 
This is Sheldon my newest little Yorkie. Such a cutie and so smart and scrappy. He came from if anyone needs a new baby.
Yorkietymes wants to thank you for visiting our yorkie puppies that we have available at this time. Our yorkies are guaranteed healthy, house raised, and very social and we have references. You can also get reviews on our Facebook pages:

 Sissy and Bandit have a new litter that was born 8-20-16. There were 2 boys and a girl. The boys have already sold. The little girl is available.
UPDATE!!!! I have decide to sell Paisley and Bullet litte girl. She is soo precious but I'm thinking she is going to be too small for me to keep. 
This is Paisley and Bullets little girl Hiedi.  She  is absolutley gorgeous and the sweetest thing. I was going to keep her, but I'm afraid she might not make it to 4lbs. Heidi has many close AKC champions in her lines and has a wonderful coat that should be pretty dark and tan in color as an adult. She also has short legs and a babydoll face.
This is Sissy and Bandits little girl. She is AKC Ch Gransired. I believe she will be 5lbs full grow. She has a great personality and sweet as can be. She is $2500.
Our Next litter that is due will be from Belle and Bullet. Bella is a  short and solid  little girl with a great coat. Belle weighs 5lbs. She is due Oct 30. I can't wait. This is her first litter.